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Rebuild Transimissions NY.

Transmission Repairs & Service

Transmission problems can cause great anxiety. But not all transmission problems mean you have to spend $1,000′s on a rebuilt transmission. Many transmission problems are not major!, There are many other minor problems that cause transmission problems.Often problems like leaks, old fluid, linkages or cables out of adjustment, sensor defects, and a faulty car computer can give you symptoms of a transmission problem, That’s why it’s important to find a transmission specialist that knows the symptoms and the solutions. You don’t want to pay for a full rebuilt transmission when the cause was really a minor one.

We are transmission specialists — and that means a lot for you!, Because we only work on transmissions, we know transmissions. All of our experience is related to transmissions. Therefore, we are the most expert at diagnosing your transmission problems. And more than that… this also makes us the best for repairing or rebuilding your transmission.

We Honor Most Extended Warranties

Most general auto repair shops do everything from oil changes to smog checks to transmissions. However, for a large percentage, they don’t actually do the transmission repairs. They send it to a company like ours to do the work.

  • One Day Service In Most Cases
  • Free Diagnostic Checks
  • Free Mechanical Checks
  • Free Road Test
  • Free Towing With Repairs
  • All Foreign & Domestic

Listed below are some of the services offered to our customers:

Reseal Service

If your Automatic Transmission is not retaining fluid we will:

Remove your Transmission and replace all the external seals and select the proper components to correct the fluid retention problem.

Reinstall your Transmission, refill your Transmission fluid and make any other adjustments that need to be made.
Test your vehicle to ensure that the Transmission is functioning properly.

Transmission Rebuild/Repair

We feel that our repair/rebuild services are the best in the New York Metro Area and possibly the nation.

Our highly trained technicians have been repairing and rebuilding Transmissions for a long time, so they know what to look for, and know when a Transmission needs a repair and when it does not.

Therefore, you never have to worry about being cheated or experiencing faulty service when you bring your car, truck,
or SUV to us.

We specialize in both manual and automatic, foreign and domestic, and luxury and economy Transmissions.

So whatever it is you drive, rest assured that we can fix it.

We repair

  • Gaskets and seals
  • All bushings
  • Front and rear seal supports
  • All kinds of friction clutches

We rebuild:

  • Using the latest factory improvements
  • All makes and vehicles
  • And test the rebuilt Transmission before it is delivered to you
  • Rebuild Valvebodys for most cars

Automatic/Manual Transmission Fluid Exchange

Since the fluid erodes and degrades over time, changing the fluid at regular intervals can help prevent premature wear and tear.

Again, we service both automatic and manual vehicles and will:

  • Flush out the old manual fluid
  • Fill the Transmission with the manufacturer’s recommended type/quantity of new fluid Provide
  • automatic filter replacement

Manhattan Transmission Repair

Our company has the expertise to fully service your Transmission at a price that you will agree with.

Whether you need to repair, rebuild, reseal or just add some fluid, we will get the job done right, the first time around.

So the next time you are looking for a Low-Cost, Hassle-Free Transmission Servicer and Repair shop, give us a call/drop us a line/visit our website and set up an appointment with the most trusted name in Transmission Service and Repair on the Planet (at least that is what are customers say anyway).

Transmission Repairs and Service – Rebuild Transmissions NY

P.S. We offer free towing with every Transmission Rebuild or Repair!

Have Your Transmission Rebuild Quickly by Certified Professionals