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Rebuild Transimissions NY.

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When you depend on your car, depend on Rebuild Transmissions NY!

We are the New york’s Transmission Specialist for over 40 years. You can depend on us get it now!
Rebuild Transmissions NY.

In Business Over 25 Years!

We are an established, reputable, and high quality transmission repair company. The Transmission Specialist that gets you back on the road fast.

Trust the shop that is your True Transmission Specialists to get your car in top shape again

- NYC Transmissions Repair

We Offer free towing with your transmission repair

If you think you are having a transmission problem, please call us right away. When you do, we can ask you the questions that help us quickly assess whether you should be driving your car to our shop, or if a tow truck is needed. If a tow is needed, we often will pay for the tow truck service. There..

Qualified Transmission Repair Specialists, What are your qualifications? EXPERIENCE! TRAINING! We are serious about one thing — transmissions. We are specialists in automatic and manual transmissions. In fact, we are so well qualified that auto repair companies from new york and tri state area.ring their vehicles to us…

Expert Transmission Repairs for over 40 years

We are much more than expert transmission repair specialists. We are experts that truly care about you. We really do treat our customers like family.

We take the time to fully explain your options, the problems and the solutions. We patiently answer questions. We know our industry and our business very well. But we know you don’t live in our transmission repair world all the time. So we feel we must be helpful and friendly so you can fully understand your choices.

We don’t talk down to you. We certainly don’t talk jargon that goes over your head either. We really want to make sure you see that we are on your side. We are your partners in solving the problems with your transmission.

We look for ways to prevent transmission problems too

Although our business in mainly in rebuilding transmissions, we also are looking to do the right thing by our customers. So sometimes, you may think you have a serious problem, but we find out it’s not. We tell you and show you. We also want to make sure you and all of our family of customers know how important prevention of transmission problems is much better. So, we give you guidance on keeping your transmission healthy and running optimally too

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